The Facts 

• Rezoning of this property, or any property within the Town, is at the Town Board’s discretion and a precedent would not be created as a result of this project.

• The Villadom development will create strong economic activity by providing jobs and a solid tax base. Consumer activity will ripple through the local community, producing beneficial fiscal and economic impacts throughout Elwood, the Town of Huntington, Suffolk County, and the region as a whole.

There will be no IDA support sought for this project. In response to reported misconceptions, an inquiry was made over three years ago, but a formal application was never submitted.

• Given the financial stress on the Elwood School District, and lack of commercial tax base within the school district, the project would generate additional tax revenues without burdening the school district, improving property values.

• The proposed development is estimated to generate property tax payments to the Elwood UFSD in the amount of $2.9 million per year. This accounts for 72.1%of Villadom’s total tax levy.

• The proposed development is estimated to generate approximately $102,865 to the Elwood Library District or approximately 2.5% of of Villadom’s total tax levy.

• Efforts to mitigate traffic concerns will be top priority
and Villadom will work with the community, Town of Huntington and NYS Department of Transportation to ensure a safe, pedestrian-friendly environment

 Rumors of additional vehicles/hour on Jericho Turnpike are
 The study looked at peak period trips to and from the site. These vehicles are not all on Jericho Turnpike at the same time, nor is there any point on Jericho Turnpike that will experience the total number of trips forecasted. A significant percentage of the trips to the site are already passing on adjacent streets, including Jericho Turnpike.

• The design of the project will incorporate environmentally sound
building practices. All development will comply with applicable Town, County and State regulations with regard to water supply and sanitary disposal.

Creating Jobs:

• Creation of 750 jobs during construction amounting in $81 million in labor income.

• The total economic impact of construction (direct, indirect, and induced) is estimated to create 1,456 jobs. 

• Creation of 950 permanent jobs amounting in $54.8 million in labor income. 

• The total economic impact of Elwood Orchard (direct, indirect, and induced) is estimated to create 1,419 jobs.


Investing an estimated $4.1 million dollars in property taxes which equates to the following community benefits: 

• $2.9 million for the Elwood UFSD without adding any school-aged children

• $102,865 to the Elwood Library

• $430,121 to the Suffolk County Police Department

• $43,274 to Other Departments at Suffolk County

• $275,281 to the Town of Huntington

•$284,420 to Local and Special Taxing Jurisdictions